Mexican Martini

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It's guaranteed to make your favorite urban cowgirl or cowboy happier than an armadillo diggin' grub worms.
Many a youthful happy hour did I spend at Austin's famously peripatetic Cedar Door bar, the self-proclaimed inventor of our state's most famous native cocktail, the Mexican martini. A frosty metal shaker of sweet-tart elixir, a salt-encrusted coupe glass, fat green olives impaled on a wee plastic sword-this was what summer in Texas was made of.

glass of Mexican martini
— Courtney Bond

Austin's Very Own Martini

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CHARLOTTE VOISEY, a cocktail consultant, worked long and hard last fall to develop a drink menu at the new W Hotel here that was worthy of Austin's burgeoning cocktail culture. But on opening night last December, she was flummoxed when the first customers requested a cocktail called the Mexican Martini.

Drinking Mexican Martini
— Caleb Bryant Miller

Cedar Door

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Cedar Door likes to brag about the Mexican martinis, but whether or not you believe they invented them won't affect how delicious they are. The expansive outdoor patio is a favorite spot to hang out downtown during the day or night or take in a game on one of the HD TVs inside the main dining area. To keep you going throughout the night, the food here never plays second-fiddle to the tequila. Build your own taco plate or choose from a robust menu that proves Cedar Door is rightfully an Austin staple.
There's a limit on the number of Mex-marts you can get in one evening because of their potency. Your server will keep track for you.

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